A Country to Love and to Serve: Memoirs of a Ghanaian Diplomat


This epic memoir chronicling the author’s diplomatic journey is a superb and en¬ticing story, richly told. The narration provides great insights into the personal life and professional travails of a quintessential diplomat who rose from humble beginnings to be one of the eminent Ambassadors of the nation. Most fascinat¬ing is how adeptly the author combines the demands of motherhood and family with her tasks in the complex world of diplomacy.

The memoir provides great insights, important lessons and best practices in diplomatic practice that should be invaluable for the nation’s policy makers and diplomats. The story told through A COUNTRY TO LOVE AND TO SERVE should be a real inspiration for young diplomats and a must read for any student of diplomacy.

Author: Nana Bema Kumi

ISBN: 978-9988-2-0148-7

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