Elections in Ghana’s Eastern Region (1951-2016)

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This work throws up, in a comprehensive yet succinct manner, several intriguing revelations about
the Eastern Region: its very special and often controversial relationship Greater Accra, its precedent as
the Eastern Province in producing the first female MP in 1954, it long history of prominent parliamentary
winners and greatest defeats/ upsets, and its was the only region to have produced a presidential
candidate in each of the first three elections of 1960, 1970 and 1979. In 1969, Eastern was the only one
among the five Akan regions in which Busia’s Progress Party lost four seats which were also the only ones
Gbedemah’s National Alliance of Liberals (NAL) could win in those regions. At the parliamentary level in
1979, it produced a most competitive contest between the three front-liners: the People’s National Party
(PNP), Popular front Party (PFP) and the United National Convention (UNC).

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